ED Pills Ingredients

ED Pills
This ED pills helps boost libido and also improves erectile dysfunction. This ingredient is a natural aphrodisiac which helps in a better sex drive and in maintaining endurance. Horny goat Weed is known to the Chinese as Yin Yang Huo, and is prescribed by Chinese doctors as it is very effective in releasing testosterone which results in amazing sex drive.


This herb is known for its aphrodisiac powers and helps in weakness and energy enhancement. Ginseng helps enhance athletic performance, stimulates mental and physical activity and also stimulates the sex glands. The herb is frequently used for impotence as it helps the blood pressure and revitalizes the body, improving circulation and increasing vitality. The ingredient Ginsenosides alters the blood flow both to the brain and to the penis. Under a different perspective ginseng also helps infertility and premature ejaculation as it builds blood and sperm.

Saw Palmetto

This herb stimulates a low libido and increases sexual energy. Also contains particles that have aphrodisiac effects. Studies show that the herb is extremely effective in reducing prostate size by 13 percent. It is recommended for reducing cholesterol and fatty acids in the blood and also helps in a better sex drive.


This is also a very famous Chinese herb that has been used medically for more than 5,000 years in China. Ginkgo helps the central nervous system and also helps impotence. It increases the blood flow both to the brain, and the genitals. The combination of the two functions helps with mental capabilities as well as sex drive, this is due to the fact that ginkgo improves oxygenation, a study showed that 78% of a group of impotent men improved their sexual abilities without experiencing any side effects.

Cayenne Fruit

This herb is used against strokes and heart attacks, but does not act by increasing the blood pressure. It combats diseases and helps regulate blood circulation, as well as rebuilding tissues.

Prescription medications. The intake of such medications is fraught with numerous adverse effects. Men who suffer from cardiovascular diseases should be especially careful when choosing these drugs because these men run a much higher risk of complications than healthy men. These medications are also expensive. Men have to obligatorily get the prescription in order to purchase such drugs and strictly stick to all dosage instructions.
Insertion of penile implants. Such an implant is a device used for medical purposes. Special surgical procedure is needed to place this device into the body of penis. If necessary, it’s possible to reposition such an erection. This surgical procedure is too costly. The likelihood of implantation success is quite moderate, while the risk of negative consequences to the health is high.

Surgery. When used as a cosmetic procedure, this method is questionable. And its results are difficult to predict. To make the penis longer, it’s typically necessary to cut the suspensory ligament that holds the manhood. In this case, the increase in penis length is possible but it is more visual than real. If the man wants his penis to be thicker, tissue grafts and fat insertions are used. Both of these surgical penis enlargement procedures are extremely expensive. Thus, the price per surgery can even exceed $4,000. A small number of medical experts trust this method.
Urethra suppositories. In this case, it’s necessary to insert the drug into the urethra. A suppository form of the medication is used. This helps enhance absorption of the drug ingredients to the maximum extent. As a result, it’s possible to substantially stimulate penile blood circulation and get a firm erection.